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How do you get your News?

If you knew the news before the news was new would that make you not a newb?

People get their “news” from social media these days, its not a secret.  Its so not a secret that Facebook itself recently released a news app called Paper.   Where they curate real news sources for you to see.

But that is not the point of this posting.   I just felt like talking about how amusing it is that the collective of society deems themselves and their circle of friends more important than the world around them.   Its nothing new really, the cavemen cared about their little tribe, what was for dinner and planned how to start their next fire. They didn’t care what was going on half way around the world or even two ridges away more than likely.   Various tribes around the world  live in virtual isolation to this day.  They spend their time taking care of the ones around them and don’t care to be bothered by the “outside world”.

The funny thing about this is, as connected as we are now to everything and everyone.  We still act just like those cavemen millions of years ago and we have more in common with those isolated tribes in South America and India than we could ever possibly know.    Having traveled quite a bit I frequently get asked “What are the people like there?”  or “How do they go about their lives with whatever is going on?”   The answer is simple,  They don’t care.  They all have lives that include  jobs, social roles, families, bills, and anything else you could think of in some way.  And they don’t care about most things that won’t affect them.

So it really should be no surprise when articles like this pop up telling you that alarmingly few people see the news besides what is on their Facebook page and that only stories that tug at your heart strings in one way or another get passed along at a viral rate.


Throw You a Bone Thursday

Since I was busy winning on Wednesday I will Throw you a bone today.  This is the coolest stuff out today, learn it, love it and live it!

Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard mult-time world and national champion Shane Watts is going racing this year.  I figure he is in for a rude awakening by the end of the first GNCC race of the year in Florida on March, 9.  But I commend him on getting back in the saddle and wish him luck as he was one of my heroes growing up and was THE MAN back in the 90s.   You can catch up with his progress on his YouTube channel and watch the latest episode HERE.

After Jimmy Albertson’s semi win last weekend at round 5 of the AMA Supercross series his air wheelie was the stuff of legends but his podium interview and how he showed off his BEER Optics was just as well done.  After watching I realized that while I had heard of the brand for a few years, I had never really taken the time to check them out.  So I did.  After visiting the website and then stopping by a friends house who owns a pair I concluded that the website does not do the goggles justice.  They are a lot like the Scott Recoil Xi (mid to low price point goggle).  But they are a whole lot more interesting and visually appealing as well as priced in the ballpark.    Oh, and you can watch Jimmy Albertson’s progress this season in “The Albertson Project”.

And its about time that our soldiers get a little something good thrown at them this spring.  Starting this weekend,  The AMA Supercross series will be aired LIVE on American Forces Network (AFN).  That’s the tv network available in every military installation around the world.  Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

“It’s an honor to have the dedicated members of the United States Military supporting Monster Energy Supercross,” said Todd Jendro, vice president of two wheel operations, Feld Motor Sports. “This weekend’s military-themed race in San Diego, and every race the remainder of the season, will be brought live to military bases around the world, and on behalf of Feld Motor Sports, we want to say thank you to every active and non-active military member.”

You can read more about who is making this happen over on Racer X Online.

Its time to nerd out a little bit.  Aluminum may be cool, and I have long touted the wondrous metal that is Scandium, but Gallium is the shizzle.  Its like a T-1000 terminator ate some mercury and pooped out a Hersey kiss of amaze-balls .  It melts at just above room temperature (85.57 °F) so you can do some neat stuff with it like tricking the guests at your next chemistry rave into thinking you are an unsung member of the X-Men.   And did I mention that Gallium is non-toxic and readily available via Amazon for just $16 per 20 gram amorphous blob?  Rejoice and buy now quantities are probably running low due to all the nerds scurrying to make little heart shaped pendants that will melt in the hands of their loved ones.  Gag.

Bone, Thrown.

Super Selfie iPhone and Galaxy attachment

Just the other day I was talking with a friend who is adamantly against professional photographers.  He said “Every hot chick with an iPhone already thinks they are professional photographer!”  His argument  had no real basis other than the fact that he is a cheap ass and doesn’t think its a skillset worthy of payment.  Whatever,  I’m not trying to change anyone here so I let it go when I realized no rational thought process was going to slip into his mind.  But one thing he said really cracked me up at the time and stuck with me.  He said the best two pictures he had seen in the past year or so came off of my iPhone.  Now the fact that I don’t have an iPhone is beside the point, he was talking about these two images (image one) (image two). Which were in fact taken on my wife’s iPhone and my Galaxy S4 Active.    Could they be better?  Sure.  Are they magazine quality? Not in this day and age.  But they are great pictures because they are clear, focused and exciting.

But what if I had a better camera?  Nope, I don’t like carrying a bulky camera so not gonna happen.  How about a $100 or so for a little “super lens”?  OK, now we’re talking.   The Moment Lens is a removable external lens that works on any iPhone (4 and up) or Galaxy (S2 and up). It is pretty impressive and considering people spend a silly amount of time and money on their phones already, this doo-dad makes sense to me.

The Moment Lens also stands to make my friends very first statement about photographers even more true.