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Super Selfie iPhone and Galaxy attachment

Just the other day I was talking with a friend who is adamantly against professional photographers.  He said “Every hot chick with an iPhone already thinks they are professional photographer!”  His argument  had no real basis other than the fact that he is a cheap ass and doesn’t think its a skillset worthy of payment.  Whatever,  I’m not trying to change anyone here so I let it go when I realized no rational thought process was going to slip into his mind.  But one thing he said really cracked me up at the time and stuck with me.  He said the best two pictures he had seen in the past year or so came off of my iPhone.  Now the fact that I don’t have an iPhone is beside the point, he was talking about these two images (image one) (image two). Which were in fact taken on my wife’s iPhone and my Galaxy S4 Active.    Could they be better?  Sure.  Are they magazine quality? Not in this day and age.  But they are great pictures because they are clear, focused and exciting.

But what if I had a better camera?  Nope, I don’t like carrying a bulky camera so not gonna happen.  How about a $100 or so for a little “super lens”?  OK, now we’re talking.   The Moment Lens is a removable external lens that works on any iPhone (4 and up) or Galaxy (S2 and up). It is pretty impressive and considering people spend a silly amount of time and money on their phones already, this doo-dad makes sense to me.

The Moment Lens also stands to make my friends very first statement about photographers even more true.


Digital Dome!

If you are like me,  you like motorcycles.  If you are like me in more ways than one, you like technology as well.  What If I told you that helmets just arrived in the digital age?  Check out the Skully Helmet.  Heads up display with rear view camera, check. Built in  headphones, check. Wireless/Bluetooth connection with your IPhone, check!   If this helmet were a TV show character it would be Kit from Knight Rider.  The helmet is pretty much the baddest thing sliced bread.   Don’t believe me?  Check on their YouTube promo video.  Get yourself a Skully Helmet or forever be destined to be this guy.