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Winning Wednesday

These things are winning today.  Check them out and maybe you can somehow win though osmosis.

Trans-Am Trail Movie:

A couple guys filmed their journey across the Trans-Am Trail.   The Trans-Am Trail is a 5,000 mile long series of dirt roads and sometimes merely  paths that cross the country from Jellico, Tennessee to the Pacific Ocean in southwest Oregon.  And these guys made a movie of their adventure!  I have been on a few small portions of the TAT and it certainly is an adventure.

Dunlop Releases new tires:

Hot on the heels of the awesome AT-81 tire for off-road riders, Dunlop is releasing a revised version of their MX31 and MX51 tires, called the MX32 and MX52.  I may or may not have ridden on the preproduction versions over the last year or so and the tires may or may not be significantly better than the previous versions, or in other words, AMAZING.   Checkout Transworld Motocross’s video recap of the press release here.

Motorcycle Rider missing in Mexico:

Speaking of adventure,  a couple weeks ago Harry Devert went missing in Mexico.  He was on his way to Tierra Del Feugo, on a bike almost identical to the bike my father rode from Prudoe bay to Tierra Del Feugo back in 2007.  More information is available on the Vice.com article.  He sounded like a really cool guy and I hope it all gets resolved.  Here is a link to his friends and family’s Facebook search page

RedBull Grand Prix of the Americas (MotoGP):

59 days from now you will get to see the BEST motorcycle road racers in the world take center stage in Austin, Texas.   I’m excited now because tickets are finally ON SALE.

Ultimate Indoor Enduro!

Its just days away and in Springfield, Missouri

Why The SR-71 Blackbird was badass:

Read this story now.

Dong Riders in the Sky:

WAIT!  So you are telling me that, on the horizon, there is a Grindr/Tindr app for airline travel?  Yes there is!  It should be live by April.  I am going to get it,  and then I will post a fake photo, and creep on unsuspecting DTF passengers on every, single, flight.  Who knew technology could make people so much more fun?  Read all about the “Wingman” app here.