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Social Media Makes Money

But not just for the owners of the accounts.

The actors that use their social media to advertise their work are also making a lot of money for the companies they are working for.

Kind of like when I drove a Ford while building Ford cars for a living….  But with a lot more money involved.

The numbers are pretty staggering really.

Talk is Tedious

When everything goes to voice command,  and it will.  How will we manage our lives?  Things are going to be a little strange for awhile.  Besides the obvious problem of everyone talking  in public and their voices mashing together into your smartphone and possibly ordering things randomly for you.  What would happen if lets say you get into an argument with someone in your newly voice activated office.  You yell at your co-worker “You are so dim,” and suddenly the lights go out! Moments later your unstable co-worker has leapt over your desk and smashed you in the face with that old relic land line telephone you keep around for “safety’s sake”.  So there you are,  bleeding on the floor of your office nicely hidden behind your desk where no one will find you till the night crew comes in or heaven forbid the next morning.  Betrayed by the voice controlled lights in your own office.  What then?  That will be funny.

Mark Wilson wrote a nice article about the coming Talkpacolypse

His view isn’t as gloomy as my little story but they both made you think I bet.

The Friday Race Drive Podcast!

It’s up!  Listen in on our pre race conversation where we talk about stupid things we hope we don’t do at this race and figure out what to do with oversized award checks.

Big Data + Technologies = Big Money

We’ve known it was coming for awhile,  with GPS in our phones and constantly cached information about our buying preferences it easy to see that companies will start using this information to sell us more stuff.

Besides the general backlash from tin foil hatted conspiracy theorists,  most everyone will love all of this and follow companies that adopt the technology.  Why?  Because it makes it easier for you to buy things you like!

Here is how they do it.

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Deal Hunter!

Ask 10 women what their favorite shopping app is and assuredly at least one will say “The Hunt”. 

Its kind of like playing “Where’s Waldo” with other people’s wallets.   They ask you for something,  you find it,  they buy it,  you get mad street cred yo.

I remember  hunting a kid.  My dad would get me up at the crack of dawn and we’d dress up in camo.   Then we’d drive down to the grocery store and grab a turkey from the deli counter.   Best Thanksgiving ever.


Wearable Technology for the real world

I want Google Glass, wait I want what comes after that.   No, No I want a Brain-Pal like in John Scalzi’s novel “Old Mans War”.

Point is,  wearables are coming,  and they are coming fast.  many may make fun of Google Glass but I doubt many people will make fun of it when the next better thing comes along to blow it out of the water.

All our Sci-Fi computing dreams  are about to come true,  just wait for it.


Couch Potato!

Finally Telecommuting is getting real.   More and more companies popping up or changing over to a “distributed” office model and researchers say its going to pay off in a big way.

Read more about it here.  

Telecommuting is great and I love it in the limited capacity I have gotten to use it.   I’m still trying to figure out how I can legitimately just hang out at home and get paid for it though.



There is an award for everything

Yes,  I am telling you that Advertising Age gives awards for corporate viral videos…  Its like the super bowl commercial awards…. for internet nerds.

Check it out!


News in the Social Media

Here is what you need to know,  people see the news on social media,  they contribute to news on social media and usually the amateur contributors are social outliers in their opinions.  The people that get their news from social media are less likely to click through things than someone who goes directly to that site for their news.

Clearly something is being done about all this information.


Tell them what you want

Have you ever wished that a newspaper or magazine would just listen to you and publish things you want to see?   Now you have a better chance of getting your message through and it only costs a few dollars more!   Publishers are starting to offer “memberships”  for their products.  Its basically a premium subscription that allows you access to some new content and a little more intimacy with the publishers of that magazine or newspaper.

Sounds good right?

You can read about who is doing that here.


Over Consumption

All this multi-tasking is racking up a massive amount of media consumption.  Maybe I’m drunk on all the power social media provides or maybe I’ve been slapped into stupidity by all the advertisements I’ve seen lately but I think its time we take a step back and seriously evaluate how we are spending our time.

Here are some pretty graphs and charts for your information.



Growing Up Inside

I read and interesting article over at The New York Times that made me think.

Having been born right in the middle of the established years of where Generation X ended and Millennials began find myself strangely torn emotionally when seeing the current trend of things moving to online  platforms and away from outside, face to face connections.    Gen X, wanted all small businesses,  Millennials don’t seem to care as long as they can order it through a screen.   I’m somewhere in the middle and think it all has a place.

I totally get it.  Anyone in any large city can get ANYTHING done with a smartphone.  And I totally get the want or need to have face to face interactions with people.

What I don’t get, in a broad sense, is only doing things one way.  Why couldn’t the two exist?   Sometimes I order a pizza by phone, others I walk in and wait, and sometimes I use the Papa Johns smartphone app,  depends on my mood.

In just a few months my wife and I will be welcoming a little baby into the world, and I wonder how things will change in the next 10-15 years and if I will still be able to connect with current trends like I have been to this point.


Survey or Diarreha

I used to punch people in the face when they came up to me at the mall and asked me to take a quick survey.    But just the other day I was facebooking and I clicked a link, answered some questions and suddenly found out that I am in fact, just like Bruce Springsteen.   Which only means that the boss probably punches survey staffers in the face at run down malls and giggles about it while eating dippin dots just like I do… er did.

But there is a method to the survey/quiz madness and its not just a bunch of bloggers claiming to be undercover CIA operatives.


Only 995 to go!

Do you have fans?   True fans?    Like people that will follow you around and buy anything you leave your mark on?

I think I have 5, that may be pushing it even since I doubt even those 5 people come to this website, but this isn’t a pity party.  I am just here, clacking away,  showing you information so maybe you will get big and I can ride your coat tails,  or maybe it will go the other way, i’m Nostradumbass not Nostradamus.

Get 1000 fans and live in excess!


Its in the Sauce

Ted Talks, you listen.  This one is about the American public and how one man changed the face of corporate product creation and marketing.

Talking TED with Malcom Gladwell and Howard Moskowitz.

It really is surprising how little we actually “ask” for what we “want”  and the variability of what we need.

Amazon TV

Amazon is going after your TV.

First they made you buy books online,  then they made reading on digital format cool.

Now they are going after your TV, and Netflix.



Clickity Cash

Its all the buzz lately, and Buzzfeed is raking in the cash.

Would you believe that a team of about 150 contributors create the nearly 500 articles posted to Buzzfeed daily?   Its true.

The reason they post so much is that they want you to click links, and most of all, share with your friends.  Those articles can be anything from important news stories to Corgi memes.

Its pretty amazing to think that some random blurb you imagined would drive a steady income let alone make people rich.   Back in the good old days you had to have a really good idea and lie, cheat and steal to make that idea a reality and then pay off some people, and create a monopoly through vertical or horizontal integration to get rich.   Now-a-days all you need to do is get a team of glassy eyed twenty something’s together to make LOLCATZ.

Internet Learning

The Khan Academy is in good company.  They are right next door to Google and Bill Gates is a huge fan as well as an investor.

What is Khan Academy you might ask.  Well they are a non-profit educational website offering a world wide classroom in a one on one, at your speed package.  For Free.

Back in my day we had to go to a tutor’s house and try to learn…  This my friends is progress.

The death of dressing room embarrassment

It wasn’t too long ago that you had to trudge to a store and try on all kinds of goofy clothes, argue with parents or friends about what looked good and what didn’t.   But not anymore.  Online retail has virtually eliminated that issue and is using digital coupons, and social media platforms to increase sales.  Which is great.  Check out this Wall Street Journal article about a girl and her mom who shop online.

Between Square and Nymi there is Coin

Somewhere between our dollars and coins of the past few thousand years  and the Nymi bracelet that will inevitably merge with the Square as an all around wallet and Key combo we need a placeholder.  Something to fill the void.  That something is Coin.  It minimizes our wallet while empowering us with more options…  Intriguing.

Domo Arigoto Mr. Roboto

Fire up the  matrix movie, get out your terminator commemorative jock strap and  cue up some Daft Punk remixes because a SteamPunk Paul Rivere just rode in on the back of a hovercraft and told me all about the impending robot world take over.   Its a few years off so you have time to check out this article that will help you prepare for what’s coming  from the AI Army in the near future.  Remember,  knowing is half the battle,  the other half is finding metal foundries that can melt those pesky robots when they try and come after your PBR.

Freedom from Keys!


I hate passwords.  I have to keep a master list of them.  I constantly forget which password and user name combination goes with what program.  The Nymi looks to end all that.  Last week I showed you the next evolution of Square,  this will definitely merge with Square type technology in the near future.   The merging of these two technologies will basically free you from carrying a wallet and maybe even identification cards all together.   I suppose the bad thing that could go with it is that ones carefully hidden tracks or desire to be left alone will basically be gone for ever once this technology takes hold.

Where the iPods grow

This interesting article about the birth of the iPod from conception, to construction and even the now iconic name is a joy to read for techies and the generally interested music fan.


Sharing is Caring

We share.  We shared music on Napster and now we share “life” on social media.  But are we sharing correctly?  Some of us, sure but most of us are just in the dark babbling incessantly incoherent drivel.  And that’s OK.  But if you are looking for a job or you are a business, something has to change.  This article talks about prime times to share on different outlets and what to share during those times.   An invaluable read for the burgeoning Social Media mogul.

You’re Changing, and He is Helping.

Jack Dorsey made Twitter and for a lot of people, that changed the face of communication.  Well he is already starting to change how people deal with money with his Square app and software.  If you have a small business and don’t have a Square,  GET it now.   I have had a square for awhile now and its just about the best thing ever for someone who has their own business.   I haven’t been able to use the feature yet due to my clientele not being “cutting edge” with technology, You can bill/receive payment from customers without them ever swiping their card, provided they have the app and you both have agreed to the terms of the program.  Kind of like a virtual debit card, except no debit card, just a straight bank withdrawal.

The Soup (style programming) gets its own channel!

HLN,  you know, that news channel that you never watch, is going after your kids and anyone else in 18-34 market for that matter.   The new HLN Executive Vice President, Albie Hecht says that the channel will start culling and curating nearly all of its news, which will be up to the minute, from the internet via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogs and more.   Basically, they heard that you like the internet so they put the internet on your TV so you can live like Xzibit.  I get it,  its a great idea but there are shows all over cable that do this sort of thing,  can a single network be made up solely on this premise?   Probably, because kids today have no souls anyway…

Remember that one Twitter Stunt during the Super Bowl?

Esurance saved 1.5 million dollars by putting their commercial directly after the Super Bowl instead of any other time during the game.   A calculated gamble and paid off not just for Esurance (as you can see in the their published stats) but also for one lucky person who got a 1.5 million dollar pay day for a Tweet!  I guess this is the new-age Publishers Clearing House trend?


Turn a story any which way

Don’t you hate when “someone” with an “agenda” starts spreading biased information?  I do, and so does a library in Michigan.  See how they turned the tables on those pesky political activists and got the vote to keep their public library open.  See the video here.

Sharing is Caring

We share.  We shared music on Napster and now we share “life” on social media.  But are we sharing correctly?  Some of us, sure but most of us are just in the dark babbling incessantly incoherent drivel.  And that’s OK.  But if you are looking for a job or you are a business, something has to change.  This article talks about prime times to share on different outlets and what to share during those times.   An invaluable read for the burgeoning Social Media mogul.

School Stuff

Forever There For You

Evernote.  Lets talk about it.  What is it?  Basically it is Dropbox  in a nice pair of chukka boots maybe a handlebar mustache and of course your scarf matches your early 20th century vintage messenger bag.  Its all in one sorting.  Work notes,  school notes, pics of your dogs and snap chat screen shots (because who wants to lose the pics from that sweet party last month.  You may need a pic of your target demographic in your next business meeting.)  Anyways,  Evernote is apparently really hot right now and you should probably go sign up for one, because I have obviously done so in the hopes to better organize my chaotic life and become more zen with my inner hipster.  Also,  there is a neat article I read about it,  and its totes not hipster related at all.  

TV News, Dodo Birds and Ron Burgundy

News is boring.  Dress it up with funny hats or boob implants and it will still be boring.  What do we do about it besides dumbing ourselves down or overdosing on Ritalin?  I guess we could change it,  novel idea I know.  I’m not really sure what to change with news although I do concede that it primarily uses an outdated format.  But,  there are new things on the horizon.  Katie Couric has gone to Yahoo, and has a new coverage in the works.   The Jeff Jarvis article over on BuzzMachine gives us some insight into what producers and journalist are doing to change the way we see news.

Paging Dr. Tweetenstien

A group of doctors, software engineers and mathematicians have decided to track your tweets.  For science, no really.  Apparently they can tell if you are or will become depressed with a margin of error that they feel is acceptable. Then they could send you automated “help”.   Fancy.   You can read all about it over at the TIME business and money Blog.

Paperbook in your Face

Apparently Facebook thinks that there is something wrong with Facebook.  It’s not a news media site.  Who knew?  Have you heard of Paper?  The new app for Facebook that lets them curate your news for you and then I guess you read that and every now and then you see something one of your friends did?   Its a whole new way to look at the world through a screen.  Aside from just I don’t know, looking at a website?  I don’t have an iPhone so I am not familiar with the app personally, but the video in the article is interesting.  Some people are calling this the best iPhone addition since they made the Swiss army cellphone case.

YouTube, you know, like slitting your wrists


I really enjoyed this article by Leslie Kaufman of The New York Times.  As a new contributor to the wild world of YouTube I of course have monetized my channel in hopes of fortune and fame.  I have never had delusions of grandeur or dreams of swimming in gold bullion like Scrooge McDuck. (I usually dream of swimming in anything other than a city dump pond)  I found the article interesting because for one I didn’t know how many people were making their livings off of YouTube,  or how much the actually worked at it.  This article covers those issues and talks about how that money is generated to begin with.

You’re Doing It Wrong

So wrong, everything,  everywhere, in your job.   How do I know?  Well I don’t know but I can read and Libby Kane says, in this article, that we are screwing the pooch in a particularly royal fashion.  Who knew?  Libby knows and she tells you all about it in her article on Fast Company

Pushing Forward Back

Digital PJs, the iShower, driverless cars and media feeds 24/7 straight into your dome like osmosis sound pretty far out but are already happening in a city near you.
This article from The New York Times delves further into such subjects and even lets us know where the worlds supply of records went.  Hint, they didn’t go here.

Read the Article

Dropin’ Data

If you haven’t heard of Drop Box you apparently haven’t been listening.  Before iCloud, before Google Drive, there was Drop Box.  and the founder snubbed Steve Jobs during multiple meetings on his way to success.   This article covers the early years of Dropbox.   Strange how people who drop out of ivy leagues make millions and people who drop out of average colleges just make a living.   There must be some sort of formula or short cut right?

News Needs People

What I took away from this article is something that I suppose makes me alittle naïve, old fashioned or just plain dumb.  I really had no idea that people weren’t culling all this news that constantly bombards us all on a daily basis.  I feel cheated by the fact that the majority of “news feeds” are just aggregator programs.  Thankfully Morpheous, er John Calacanis has a solution.  It isn’t innovative but it certainly is taking a step in the right direction by adding people to actually share news stories with you.

Read all about it

Tarded TickerTape!

Twicker Tape Parade!

BERG Little Printer

This is an oldie but a goodie.  Gut reaction,  what did you think?  If you didn’t think about this; Edison-Stock-Ticker then you aren’t connecting the dots.   Apparently BERG, a design and product consultancy firm in London created the Little Printer back in 2011.    At first I felt odd about this,  then nostalgic and finally saddened.   It seems like a great idea,  but if I really want to print something,  there’s an app for that.

Being that this article came out in 2011, I have never heard of this and a quick Google image search only returned product launch photos.  I’d say pretty much everyone else figured this was a fairly worthless product in the real world.

Obama Phones WorldWide!

WooHoo!  Free speech for the dumb!  According to this article on USA Today, smartphones not only are selling at a rate of nearly 1 billion per year,  they also cost as little as $20.  $20,   twenty dollars!  Are you kidding me?  I went to scum of the earth Chik-Fil-A with my wife and had to pay more than that!  There are starving pygmies in Africa playing Angry Birds on smartphones that cost less than your last trip to Starbucks!  Yes, for the price of a Kenny Powers autograph you can be surfing Joogle Cast Iron just like the people in Indonesia.  I’m all for competitive market places,  but wow  I never knew they had driven prices so low.

Where is all this Social Media Taking Place?

Here we have a new study out that talks about what social media sites are rising and which are falling.  Not surprisingly Facebook is still king, MySpace is basically a cyber ghetto and strangely Instagram is booming!   I wasn’t really surprised to see tablets and smartphones becoming the leading ways to access these site, but I was really surprised to see a public mention of how Chinese people are accessing the sites using VPN Tunnels. Which you will for sure need to know about when the other foot drops on all this Net Neutrality B.S.  You can read all about the study over at and about the other sites using my magnificently well placed links throughout this posting.


What makes Viral Media so Viral?

I read a fairly interesting article over at  The New Yorker the other day.  It talked about at scientific study into exactly what it is that makes viral media so gosh darn viral.  Lots of time and money went into the study, which was carried out at major university, and all they could conclude was that titles/content that tug on heart strings or incite rage (i.e. create strong basic emotion responses) are what tends to go viral.  They could not predict what would go viral next because “people go numb” to things over time.   Well duh.  I hope this was all paid for by private donations and not tax money because all their findings were basic common sense.   See if you agree here Viral Cats are LOLZ.





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