Digital Dome!

If you are like me,  you like motorcycles.  If you are like me in more ways than one, you like technology as well.  What If I told you that helmets just arrived in the digital age?  Check out the Skully Helmet.  Heads up display with rear view camera, check. Built in  headphones, check. Wireless/Bluetooth connection with your IPhone, check!   If this helmet were a TV show character it would be Kit from Knight Rider.  The helmet is pretty much the baddest thing sliced bread.   Don’t believe me?  Check on their YouTube promo video.  Get yourself a Skully Helmet or forever be destined to be this guy.


Whole World in Your Hand

My my my,  how time does fly.   This article brought back some MEMORIES.  We all know the IPhone and Android smart phones do basically everything except for wipe our butts after a particularly splashy game of Angry Birds.  But have you actually thought about what these smart phones replace?  I hadn’t, and then I saw Steve Cichon’s article on the subject.  He wittily explains how 95% of the products sold in a Radio Shack ad from 1991 are in the palm of his hand,  on his IPhone.  Nifty!  And if you don’t think so try loading something from this thing onto Youtube.

Going Gonzo in the Woods