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Whenever I have a ponderous quandary about dirtbikes,  I usually hit up KTMTalk, ThumperTalk or ADVRider.  As much as I detest the flagrant disregard of grammar and mountainous piles of unfiltered bad information of internet forums there is no substitute  when you are looking for product reviews, general jetting specs, an idea or direction to look whenever you are faced with a particularly odd break down on your equipment.

If the internet was an eccentric doctor,  Cracked, Imgur and Reddit would be the coffee table books.  Be prepared to waste hours of your life with these sites.  There are two types of people,  those that are addicted to Netflix and Imgurians.

Now, I usually buy my motorcycle parts local because I have worked in shops for a long time and get good deals.  But sometimes I need something that no one carries or its just flat out cheaper to get it online.  When I have to, I shop at RockyMounainATVMC.  I like them because they have been supporting my local and regional series’ BlackJack Enduro Circuit and Oklahoma Hare Scrambles Championship Series for a few years now with their Race Gas Program.

Geek news, tech help, and alittle humor,  Wired has been a staple in my digital diet for a few years now.


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