The topic of class

So the AMA has “advanced” me to B class.  To my knowledge,  I have never ridden any AMA event, as an adult on a full size bike in a class other than A250, A-Vet or E1 LOI. 


This amuses me greatly, so I decided to have some fun with it and sent an email over to the BJEC President and Scoring Chairman. It should be noted here that I have been racing this series for nearly 20 years, the last 5 of which I have been in the AA class. I was also the Scoring Chairman last year. So I know these people. That makes this even more amusing in my opinion.


Kit did not seem amused, and despite the fact that I got him his cushy position as the BJEC Scoring Chairman he responded with a firm “NO” and continued with further elaboration.


Former BJEC Scoring Chairman Todd York and Local rider and amateur reporter Jason Hubbert weighed in on the subject;


Obviously Todd is a comedian and Jason a worldly scholar who likens my plight to that of Macbeth.

Lloyd, the President of the BJEC finally returned my email after sleeping on the issue over night.


As you can see, I have an uphill battle to wage with the powers that be in BJEC. But I am determined none the less to make these people understand that I have a much larger governing body on my side.

Even multi-time national champions aren’t immune the AMAs amazing class identification systems. Charlie Mullens just posted this to Instagram and in the comments many other pro level riders commented how they had received similar letters in recent days.


Now I really don’t know what to make of this, does this mean I’m that fast? That the Hot Rod is that slow?

One thing I am sure of however is that this has something to do with the AMAs new class advancement system that was discussed in depth over at Cycle World in December 2012.

Maybe I will just drop it and suck up the fact that although I am a bottom of the barrel regional AA rider the AMA is about as clueless and fast moving as a three toed sloth on a Jack Daniels bender.

I will keep you updated on this scandal as it unfolds so keep checking back!


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