Manic Monday!

A rare lazy weekend over in Woods-Bro land left me dumbfounded as to what to do besides ditch my 1-ton and the wife’s small SUV in exchange for a nice Tahoe. Down to 1 payment and I still left with a wad of cash in my pocket. The shame I feel driving the Gnarssan (1994 Nissan SuperCab) is overcome by the fact that the title is in the glove box, and it costs a fraction of what the 1-ton cost in driving expenses and maintence. We also went baby furniture shopping and I’m pleased to say that every piece is on its way.

The Off-Road Cup 9 hour race report is not quite done yet, but it’s coming I swear. There are tons of videos besides mine on YouTube if you feel like seeing some other viewpoints from the race.

I saw a grey fox in my neighborhood this morning.  It was just out wandering around and didn’t seem very concerned until I stopped next to it and rolled down my window to take a picture of it.  Then it skittered off.   Just thought you should know.

I am officially in love with these boots and if I ever get a pair I will play this song everywhere I go.


Wieners in the Woods shirts are IN STOCK.  I have limited quantities and sizes available.  $20 or trade for swag.  Shoot me an email in the “Talk To Me” page  if you want a limited edition, super cool shirt.   You will probably see one of these shirts featured on on Tuesday  4-29-14 as well.

In case you missed it,  The WoodsBro post race podcast failed to upload to Soundcloud, but luckily we had the GoPro rolling and it is on YouTube along with an outtake/blooper reel from my riding at The Off-Road Cup.


I have some big idea’s to interview a reclusive ex SX, MX, GNCC, ISDE racer in the near future so keep an eye out for that and all the other great race reports and videos we bring you here at Woods-Bro!


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